Maryland Online Firearm Registration

Maryland state police online portal

Beginning January 1, 2017, ALL Maryland handgun paperwork (and stripped lowers) will now be conducted ONLINE (Federal ATF 4473 paperwork will still be completed on paper copy). The required $10 MSP registration fee will also be collected online. In order to purchase a handgun, you will be required to go to the Maryland State Police website portal and create a personal user account (separate from your HQL Application user account).  Individuals will be able to apply ONLINE using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, regardless of the operating system. All current web browsers are also supported by the new system.  You must also have an active HQL license (or exception — i.e., qualifying law enforcement, active duty military, etc.) to use the online registration process.

NOTE: The long gun (rifle, shotgun or HBAR AR-15) purchase process will remain the same — complete a Federal ATF 4473 in store and pass the FBI NICS background check.

Open MSP Portal

Online Registration Overview

Login to the Maryland State Police portal and create and save a new firearm application (it will remain valid for 6 months from creation date). Once you have decided on a handgun(s) to purchase (or transfer in), you will come into United Gun Shop and give us your  Application ID. PLEASE BRING WITH YOU YOUR MARYLAND DRIVERS LICENSE AND HQL CARD.  United Gun Shop staff will pull-up on our in-store tablet your ONLINE application and enter in the handgun information, review with you the prior entered application information, have you re-certify the information is correct and digitally sign and submit.  You will pay the $10 MSP handgun application fee online with YOUR CREDIT CARD.

NOTE: Federal ATF 4473 paperwork will still be completed on paper copy.

Upon submitting:

  • You will receive an e-mail stating that your application has been RECEIVED by Maryland State Police.
  • You will still wait the 7 days for your application and handgun approval. Once approved, you will receive another e-mail from Maryland State Police letting you know that your application has been “NOT DISAPPROVED.” (This means you were approved in MSP talk).
  • You will receive ANOTHER e-mail when your handgun is READY TO BE PICKED UP at United Guns Shop.
  • At pickup, you will electronically sign for the handgun and physically sign the Federal ATF 4473. No printed copies of paperwork will be given with your firearm but you will be able to track your history from the MSP portal.
  • If you so desire, you can print your approved and completed application under your user account via the MSP portal.

Online Portal Support

If you are in need of any technical support while at home regarding the online Maryland State Police portal you will need to call 410-653-4500.  If you have limited access to a computer, tablet, or mobile phone you are welcome to come into United Gun Shop and use one of our MSP Portal tablets.