Maryland Gun Transfers FFL

New Lower Transfer Fees Effective January 14th, 2018!

Transferring a Maryland legal gun to United Gun Shop in Rockville, Maryland is a simple, straight forward process.  We charge $40 for non-Maryland regulated firearms and $40 (plus a $10 Maryland State Police fee) for Maryland regulated firearms (all hand guns) from other gun shops, businesses and transfers from individuals holding a valid FFL.

Please review the following terms carefully as it could impact your transfer request:

  • We will transfer all Maryland legal new and used firearms regardless if we stock it or not.  All firearms must be Maryland compliant.  Maryland compliant handguns must be listed on the Maryland Handgun Roster (or be manufactured prior to 1985). A current Maryland Handgun Roster is located here.
  • Maryland State Police has a new online firearms search feature which lets you review if a particular firearm is Maryland compliant.  Click here to view the page.
  • Current Maryland gun laws can be reviewed here (note, this is a Wikipedia page so if in any doubt please contact Maryland State Police).  If you do not know if a gun is Maryland legal, we highly recommend you contact Maryland State Police.
  • If you are active duty military you are required to bring in your drivers license, CAT card and copy of active orders.

TRANSFER CANCELLATIONS: We will charge a $25 return fee if you [1] transfer in a non-Maryland legal firearm and cannot complete paperwork [2] fail the background check and the firearm needs to be returned to the seller [3] you do not obtain the required HQL license and cannot complete the handgun registration within 45 days unless approved for extended time by United Gun Shop.  You (transferee) are responsible for all return shipping costs for any firearm that has to be shipped back to where it was transferred from.

FAILURE TO TRANSFER / ABANDONMENT: Transfers will be held for 45 days from date of receipt unless an extended timeframe is approved by United Gun Shop.  Any firearm left uncollected (not transferred) after 45 days without contact via e-mail ( by you (the transferee) will become the property of United Gun Shop.

FFL Transfer Request Process:

Whoever you buy your gun from, they are going to need a copy of our FFL in order to ship the gun to us.  Upon your request, we will review the transfer information and upon our approval by us we will send the FFL holder a copy of our FFL license.  Please e-mail us your FFL Transfer Request (our FFL e-mail: and include the following information:

  1. Dealer / Individual name that firearm was purchased from
  2. Dealer / Individual  phone number
  3. Dealer / Individual e-mail address
  4. Manufacturer / Model of firearm purchased (this will be reviewed by us for approval)
  5. Invoice Number (If applicable)
  6. Your Name
  7. Your Phone Number

After we accept your FFL request and we e-mail the seller a copy of our FFL license, they will ship the gun to us for you to pick up.  It is your responsibility to make sure the seller ships out your gun in a timely fashion once they have our FFL license. Be sure to have them include two (2) things with the firearm:

  1. A copy of their FFL or a copy of their drivers license if not a dealer.
  2. Your name and phone number

Firearm Pickup Process:

After your firearm has been received and processed into our system, we will call you to let you know that the gun is ready for paperwork (Maryland regulated firearm – hand gun) or paperwork and pick up (long guns).

  • For long gun transfers, you will need a valid Maryland photo ID (drivers license) and will need to fill out a Federal Form 4473 for the background check.  The transfer fee is collected at time of paperwork.  Once your background check is approved you will take possession of your firearm.
  • For Maryland regulated transfers (hand guns) you will need a valid Maryland photo ID (drivers license), a Maryland HQL license, will need to fill out a Federal Form 4473 and initiate a new online handgun registration application.  The transfer fee is collected at time of final in store paperwork. All hand guns, per Maryland law, will be available for pickup on approved applications 7 business days from final application submission.

Outbound Transfers:

If you would like to transfer a firearm through our store to another FFL holder, we charge $50 per gun, plus shipping and packing materials costs. We are open to volume discounts — please inquire for deals we may be able to extend.

We look forward to being your FIRST CHOICE when it comes to your firearm transfer needs.